ALMI pipe notchers

The ALMI Pipe Notcher: is quick, inexpensive, cost saving, accurate, grinds any desired angle, grinds any desired diameter, grinds all available materials, and is capable for tubes and sections.


ALMI pipe notchers can be used everywhere where gas, steam, stainless steel, non-ferrous pipes and many other types of pipe and sections need to be welded together at an angle of 90º: ALMI pipe notchers make the notches required for joints with rapid precision. ALMI pipe notchers are also ideally suited for the preparation of double corner joints. ALMI also offers a notching machine suitable for cutting out sink outflows in round and rectangular metal pipes.


ALMI is so confident that their pipe notchers offer trouble-free, precise, rapid and efficient pipe machining for many years and this is backed by a 3 year warranty which comes as standard.


Please find below demonstration videos on the different models.


Model: ALMI AL1



Model: ALMI AL2



Model: ALMI AL 1-2E



Model: ALMI AL 1-2U



Model: ALMI AL 1-2U-2



Model: ALMI AL100U



Model: ALMI AL 100U-02



Model: ALMI AL 150


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